The ClearWELL™ technology provides scale control for downhole and surface applications, onshore and offshore and for various well conditions, depths and scale types.

ClearWELL™ can protect:

  • Oil wells
  • Gas wells
  • Onshore wells
  • Offshore wells with dry trees
  • Free flowing wells
  • Artificial lift wells of all types including:
    • Water Injection Wells
    • Gas Injection Wells
    • Electric Submersible Pump Wells
  • HPHT wells
  • Surface processing equipment
  • Surface mist pumps/ evaporation systems

Case Studies

The number of deployed units continues to grow each year as operators become more aware of the system’s cost and reliability benefits over traditional scale control methods.

A small selection of examples which demonstrate the impressive time and cost savings delivered by the ClearWELL™ system are shown below.

Short summary case studies are also regularly published on our LinkedIn social media channel:

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